My Last Request - Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

A. No. My Last Request is not a service for you to distribute your assets. It is merely a tool for you to record your funeral wishes and any messages or information for your loved ones.

A. No. Your family or Executors are under no legal obligation to carry out your expressed wishes. However, it is highly unlikely that they will be ignored as loved ones often want to honour wishes.

A. No – once you have paid your chosen subscription you may visit the site as often as you wish and update/amend your details

A. Yes. If you are preparing a Will we would recommend the use of the following wording….”my funeral wishes have been recorded at”

A. Yes. But merely to keep your details updated.

A. Yes. Once you have paid your subscription fee, you have full and unrestricted access to your details to make changes and amendments as often as you feel necessary. Amending your Will can incur costs, but with My Last Request, you simply login to your account and make the changes needed.

A. After registration you will be given the opportunity within “Who To Notify” to appoint 2 Trustees.

Once you have nominated your chosen Trustees, they will receive an automated email inviting them to "accept" your nomination. This will take the Trustee to My Last Request website to set up an account (minus a subscription payment).

Once they have accepted and registered, your Trustees will be able to access (but not amend) your details, identifying who needs to be notified and ensuring your wishes will be carried out.

A. There are 3 different plans giving you access to your account for differing time periods.

  • 5 year access – a one off fee of £24.95
  • 10 year access – a one off fee of £49.95
  • 20 year access – a one off fee of £94.95
Toward the end of your registration period you will be contacted and invited to renew for a further period of your choosing. If you choose not to renew, your details will be removed.